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Roasted locally in Lodi, California

Shipped throughout the United States.
Our beans aren’t afraid to travel!

    Why our beans are so special.

    Our Roasting Process


    We grow only the best coffee beans from all over the world.


    We harvest and keep only the good ones.


    Our specialty roasting process brings the natural flavors and richness out.


    We sell our beans directly on our website or through local vendors.


    Grind and enjoy at home or your local coffee shop.

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    About Us & Our History

    Is a family owned business located in Lodi, California. Our beans are supplied by one of the largest coffee importers on the West Coast. The beans come directly from the farm and every selection has been cupped to ensure the best tasting from each region. Our 1920’s G. W. Barth cast iron roaster produces a true artisan coffee which is what makes Blackwater coffee’s unique. 


    Blackwater Roasting Company has a strong history of making great coffee and we take pride in making our customers happy!


    ~ Tracy Redman, Owner